1: These general terms and conditions of sale constitute the plan to which C2PACK SàRL, registered with the RCS Dijon B 483 303 376, hereinafter referred to as "the seller" >
2: These general conditions apply to all sales contracts for products and services concluded and / or executed by the company, in France and abroad . The parties agree that their relationship shall be governed exclusively by the terms hereof. Any modification of the general conditions desired by the customer must be the subject of a written request on his part and must in addition be accepted by the company in writing in order to be able to be effective against him. In the event of a conflict between these terms and conditions and the special conditions on the order form or any other document accepted by both parties, the special conditions will prevail.

3: Any order made by the buyer is valid only after confirmation of the seller materialized by the sending to the buyer of an acceptance document issued by the seller, it being however specified that the delivery of the order by the seller Is worth confirmation. The benefit of the order is personal to the buyer and can not be transferred without the agreement of the seller

4: The seller reserves, until confirmation Without notice or indemnity for the buyer, the right to make any modification concerning its products, tariffs or conditions as regards these general terms and conditions of Sales that the particular conditions set for the sale transaction.
It is recalled in this regard that the information on catalogs, prospectuses, notices, scales and tariffs, and more generally documents of presentation and promotion of the products of the seller or information given by the seller whatever the Form, are given only as an indication and do not bind the seller until the latter has accepted the order under the conditions defined above.
By express agreement between the parties, no order accepted By the seller shall not be canceled or altered in whole or in part by the buyer in the course of execution.

5:The delivery and / or delivery periods are given as an indication, as these periods can not give rise to damage and Interest, deductions or cancellation of orders. It is also reminded that the force majeure or the fortuitous event releases at its discretion - temporarily or definitively - the seller of any commitment. In particular, the following are considered as such: war, riot, fire, strikes, accidents, the impossibility for itself to be supplied. The seller must inform the buyer as such.

6: All products delivered to the customer under the contract remain the property of the company until full payment of their price. However, the risks (loss, theft, deterioration, etc.) relating to the said products are transferred to the customer as soon as they are delivered, as is the obligation to repair any damage they may cause to property and persons. >
7: Our goods are shipped free of delivery from 500.00 Euros excluding VAT Any delivery less than this amount will give rise to the invoicing of postage costs at the actual cost. /> For foreign sales, the port will be billed at the actual cost, plus customs charges for non-EC countries.

8: The sales are settled within 30 days of the end of the month.
The payment will be made in accordance with the method of payment and the deadlines determined by the seller.
The invoice is considered settled when the amount shown is credited to the bank account of the seller.
The aforementioned settlement period can not be expressly agreed between the parties being delayed under any pretext whatsoever. The claims made by the buyer are in no way liable to postpone the due date of the payment of the order to which they relate.

9: In the event of late payment Or interest on all or part of the price, an interest equal to the interest rate of the European Central Bank in its most recent refinancing operation (refi rate) plus 10 percentage points shall be due on the Of the outstanding sums as soon as the due date has elapsed and without prior notice being required.
Beginning in 2013, the Refi rate to be applied during the first half of the year will be the rate in effect on 1 January of the year in question and the rate to be applied during the second half As from 1 July of the year in question.
Any delay in payment entails, without any need for formal notice, the obligation to pay all the debts of the company, Not matured, as well as the right for the company to suspend all deliveries and work in progress up to full payment and possibility for the company to require full payment to the order for future business. > Any company that fails to pay an invoice within the prescribed period will have to pay a lump sum payment for collection costs. The decree of 02/10/12 inserts an article D.441-5 in the Commercial Code, fixing the amount of the flat-rate indemnity at 40.00 €.
Thus, in addition to the penalties of delay currently provided by the Law, any professional in a situation of delay in payment will automatically be debtor, in respect of the creditor, of this lump sum indemnity for recovery costs. However, Article L.441-6 specifies that when the recovery costs incurred are greater than the amount of the lump sum allowance, the creditor may claim additional compensation on the basis of justification.

10 : By express agreement, failure to pay at maturity will automatically result in the payment of a late payment penalty equal to 15% per annum on the outstanding amounts.
11: In case of dispute as to the application or interpretation hereof, the Courts of the registered office of C2PACK will have sole jurisdiction.